Cost of Solar Power

Cost of Solar Power

Cost of Solar Power

You're interested in the cost of solar power, right? With any change made in life, one of the first questions asked is how much will it cost me? No matter if you are moving into a new city, or changing a certain brand, cost of health care, etc. So, when presented with the option of using solar power versus the conventional utility source one begs to ask the question, "what is the cost of a solar power system?" The answer of course, depends on the overall effect you are trying to achieve, such as: do you want to run your entire household? Much like anything, the bigger, the better, the more expensive. But with few things in life, the investment into solar power actually pays you back in the long run.


The cost of solar power installed , with an entire system run from the roof of your home can run upwards of 60K. With state incentives and rebates you could get as high as 50% of that covered, so the cost is diminished immensely. The more power you use the more intricate and expensive the system, the less power less money. You can create more than just electricity with solar power, imagine not having an electric, water, or gas bill the rest of your life.

Each system is separate of course, and serves a different purpose so cost will be determined upon which you decide to integrate first. Like any other product, pre-fabricated models are also available for the convenience of consumers at a lower price.

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No matter which route you decide to go the overall outcome will far outweigh the cost on every level. There are steps to truly deciding which will be most beneficial for you, first is finding your most qualified local installer.

Installation is a Factor

When deciding whom you will retain for installation cost plays a huge factor. You want to research local companies thoroughly to ascertain which will be more beneficial for the given job at hand. Determine if they are qualified by asking lots of questions, such as how long they have been in the business? What is their proven experience with installation? What service they offer after installation? Do they offer any kind of payment options? Do they have packaged systems?

This is when you really get down to the bare bones cost of installing and maintaining your solar power at home. You want to make sure you know all the zoning and electrical requirements to make sure you aren't purchasing too large, or inadequate a system. Find out about the local, state, and national incentives when implementing a solar system for your home as this could mean big savings down the road.

That's great, but at what cost?

It seems no matter what we do in life there is a bill that follows, some kind of cost attached. Unlike most things, however, with solar power, you are not only doing something great for the environment, but with the money you invest, you are rewarded down the road. It seems there is very little negative attached to world of Solar Power and the cost of not utilizing such an abundant, clean, source of energy far outweighs the investment to attain that which surrounds us every day.

Why not take a moment to calculate how much you could save by converting to solar. (opens in a new window):