Solar Power Inverter

The solar power inverter is an important piece of the puzzle

What is a solar power inverter ? 


Using solar power is safe and environmentally friendly. A lot of people are familiar with it but don’t really know how it works. You can’t just plug your appliances directly to the solar panels. A lot of good that will do to you. You’ll be just staring at your appliances and see nothing happening. The electricity produced by these solar panels is output differently. The solar panel output is most likely twelve or twenty-four volts direct current while most of our home appliances run on 110 or 220-volt alternating current (AC). Now you may ask how you can make use of the electricity produced by these solar panels. The answer to that question is by using a solar power inverter to make the necessary conversion.

There are many solar power inverters out in the market to choose from.It would be best to choose the right kind of inverter for your specific needs. Cheap inverters can be more of a headache than a solution to your power problems. Pick out the best one and you will end up saving money in the long run.

These inverters also serve as a safety system if you plan to move from solar power to the regular grid. There are main grid inverters that are used mostly by big companies and there are the SAPS inverters that you can use at home. SAPS means stand alone power system. These are the ones you can just plug in to your deep cycle battery banks and it does not require a licensed installer to do this. Just follow the instructions correctly and you should avoid any electrifying experiences.However,when in doubt, ask the experts.

If you are not really familiar with electrical work I would suggest getting a professional to help you with this. There are different sizes of inverters.You have to choose according to your specific need. The size of the inverter is dependent on the peak power loads you require. To get your peak power load you simply add up all of the wattage of all of your appliances. That will give you an estimate. Note: you add up all the wattage because you are assuming that at some point all of your appliances could be switched on and running at the same time, though that is not really likely. Better safe than sorry.

As mentioned earlier, prices for the inverters can vary. You do not want to try buying a really cheap one and end up blowing up your home circuitry.Talk to the professionals to get the one that you require.