Solar Pool Cover

Solar Pool Cover

Home swimming pool owners will find that a Solar Pool Cover can pay for itself in short order, as it not only heats the pool, but also reduces evaporation from the pool and cuts chemical treatment costs. It works by trapping heat from the sun and transferring it to the pool during the day, and by insulating the pool to retain that heat overnight. Plus, they are designed to float, so placing and removing them is easy: no pesky ties or anchors!

There are three kinds of  Pool Covers:

  1. bubble covers, which are actually close cousins of bubble packing wrap, but of a much heavier construction and UV-resistant
  2. vinyl covers, which last longer and can even support substantial weight (you can walk across a properly secured vinyl cover)
  3. insulated vinyl, which sandwiches a layer of insulant between two layers of vinyl

These covers are proven to reduce water costs for a pool by between one-third and one-half. While they do an excellent job of conserving pool heat, they are not pool heaters, so they will reduce the costs of running a swimming pool heater, but not replace that device. Finally, the cover reduces chemical and cleaning costs by helping to keep the water cleaner.

Costs naturally vary with the type of  pool cover chosen, and the size of the pool. Bubble covers, for example, is about $118 for a 16x32 pool. Vinyl pool covers can be much more expensive, up to $600-700 for a similar-sized pool.