Portable Solar Power

On-the-go Solar Power Products

More and more portable solar power products are finding their way into the marketplace. It is a wonderful thing that we can use solar energy in ways that can power our gizmos. It is even more wonderful that solar can provide cheap energy for lighting homes and schools in areas of the world that cant afford power otherwise. Here are a few products that are now, or soon will be available : 


Portable Solar Power Generators

Solar-powered portable generators can deliver electricity ranging from 1.2 kilowatts to 6 kilowatts for any given period. This is sufficient to power your laptop, recharge mobile devices, and plug in small appliances like an oven and a microwave as well as a portable radio and television anytime, anywhere.

You can get portable solar power generators that come in hard cases for ease of transportation, with total weights ranging from 50 pounds to 250 pounds. The prices are consumer-friendly, too, considering the benefits of solar power – no running out of fuel, no oil changes, no pollution, and no noise – that can be had. Depending on capacity, prepare to shell out $500 and up for a single unit complete with solar panels.

Mobile Communication and Entertainment Devices

Nowadays, small solar panels are slapped on just about every mobile communication and entertainment device imaginable. This results in eco-friendly electronic gadgets that boast of similar features as their non-solar powered counterparts without sacrificing style. Check it out :

  • A Chinese company has developed a cell phone that can be powered both by sunlight and by other sources of light. Although this product is still in its prototype stages, you can be sure that you will be lining up for it anytime this year.
  • Portable media players powered by sunlight are now available in the market. You will get similar features as other PMPs like audio and video playback, image viewing, and an SD card slot. One advantage stands out though – you can power up your other devices with its solar-charging capabilities!
  • Headsets for both the Bluetooth and AM/FM types that allows for information and entertainment anywhere, anytime beamed right to your ears, literally. With their built-in solar panels, forgetting to recharge them ought not to be a problem in sunny weather especially when you are out doing outdoor activities!
  • You can bring back the good old days of boom boxes with the solar-powered speakers. The solar panel soaks up solar energy, which is then used to pump out music through the speakers up to several hundred feet away. It costs about $199.
  • Solar-powered toy robots that may very well be staples of the future are slowly gaining attention among hobbyists and professionals alike. You can undertake to make one of your own by either using spare parts from your tool shop or purchasing pre-packaged kits. The cost varies depending on the type of materials used, the battery capacity, and design.
  • Of course, if there are solar-powered cell phones and portable media players, then there must be solar-powered chargers! This is ultimate way of traveling light but with the amenities of electricity. The cost of these chargers start from $25 up but it is well worth the price.
  • Solar power e-Book Readers. These are not currently on the market yet but they are in developement. But consider that you could have an Amazon Kindle with its on-line access and great battery life and recharge it with a solar charger.

Portable Solar Power Lamps

Like the mobile communication and entertainment devices listed above, portable solar power lamps have built-in solar panels that catch the light of the sun and transform it into another kind of light – artificial light that illuminates both indoor and outdoor spaces.

These can be used for outdoor activities, (portable solar power pole lamps) and other models that are employed for decorative purposes. There is even a solar-powered street light-cum-surveillance camera though that is not a portable device. Prices start from as little as $25 to as high as $1,000 and up, again depending on the features and capacity.

Portable Solar Power Backpacks and Bags

Backpacks and bags for both men and women are increasingly being used for their eco-friendliness and style-friendliness. Depending on the materials used, you can choose from a wide variety of solar-paneled bags that are waterproof, scratchproof, UV-resistant, deliver sufficient electricity to power up cell phones and laptops, and can connect to a USB or a car charger.

These bags can cost a pretty penny starting from $100 until $500 for the more advanced models. Still, if you can cram in practicality and beauty in one eco-friendly package, the price is worth it many times over.

Jackets, Ties and Bras

Now, this is one of the ultimate in portability. Solar panels are attached on clothing to power up everything from earphones to cell phones.

The more popular types of solar-powered clothing options are jackets, which usually sport solar panels in the back. You have to stand in direct sunlight for a few hours to juice them up. After that, you can plug it into any USB-powered gadget like a pocket computer and an iPod. Be prepared to pay at least $300 for one jacket. This same technology also applies to ties and bras though these two are not yet as widespread as the jackets.


If your mother told you not to look at the sun directly lest you go blind, then she has never heard of the solar-powered sunglasses. Sure, these are still in the experimental stages by Korean students but it can become reality sooner than you can say “eclipse”. The sunglasses integrate dye solar cells that power up small gadgets like your cell phone.

Hygiene Products

Under this category are two products worthy of notable mention: the solar bottle and the solar toothbrush. If you get stranded on an ocean island, you might want to take these two with you.

The solar bottle purifies water using sun power, which employs a purification process known as SODIS to kill germs that cause cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Unfortunately, it is not yet in production.

The solar toothbrush, on the other hand, is available. It contains a solar panel that sends electrons to help break down plaque. And the best thing about this product? It requires no toothpaste.

There are other portable solar power products on the drawing board and on the shelves, including hearing aids, flowerpots, curtains and wallpapers, which you should look out for. The point is that solar power will continue to become an integral part of power production in this generation and the next. Should'nt we take advantage of it?