Do-It-Yourself Solar Power

Do-it-yourself or DIY solar power projects are simple, inexpensive options to obtaining free power from the natural energy of the sun. Captured with homemade solar hot-air collectors; these homemade Therm-o-siphoning panels direct sunlight into an adjoining room through a window or wall opening. This has become a popular way to create and maintain energy for your home without the use of public utility. DIY solar power has become so popular in fact that solar power kits are readily available on shopping sites and they've become requested items in wedding registers. You might even be able to get your hands on some free solar equipment.

With energy from fossil fuels growing more expensive each year, the comparative cost per kilowatt of solar power systems has been dropping. If you can generate enough of your own electricity from solar or wind power you can sell any excess power back to the utility companies. It is a great but a difficult goal to achieve.

I bet you are asking yourself, if I build a DIY solar power contraption will it create enough energy to run your entire home. The answer in most cases is no, it will not. You would, however, be able to provide energy enough to do some of the following: run a portable stereo for 100 hours, a 12-watt fluorescent light-bulb for 80 hours, or even a 20-inch TV for 20 hours. You could do all of this for $600 dollars and the cooperation of our friendly abundant sun.

There are a number of kits available to you such as the one mentioned above for $600 dollars. This kit includes the following:

A module, charge controller, sealed batteries, inverter and various components such as wire, battery cables, mounting hardware, and fuses. The great thing about any starter kit is once you have gotten the just of how it works you can increase the system to expand your usage.  Remember you are dealing with electricity, so having a qualified electrician present or someone who is cognizant of the power would be the safest bet. Just like anything else the cost will be based on the size of module you are producing and the amount of power you are looking to produce.

There are smaller DIY solar projects than installing solar panels on your roof. You could put in solar power roof vents with solar attic fans to vent off the excess heat from your attic. Moving further down the difficulty scale to the very simple, you can cook your food outdoors with a solar cooker, which is great fun, or you can liven up your garden with a solar power fountain and maybe some solar garden lights which can also be used to illuminate a pathway or a dive way. How about a light for your shed that would not require running electrical lines from your house? If you are tired of buying all those expensive batteries for all of your portable gizmos, then get a solar power battery charger which can save you lots of cash.

Living off the grid even on a small scale is better for the environment and your pocket books. You can create enough power from a simple set up to generate what you need for either a short or long term period. If you are serious about a DIY solar power system you can find all of the supplies you need YourDomainHere 

Do your due diligence and make sure whatever you create is going to serve the purpose you desire. There has never been a better time than now to make a move towards a cleaner, healthier future.

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