Cheap Solar Panels

Are Cheap Solar Panels A Smart Choice ?

There are many people looking for less expensive options, and many people (mostly online) offering cheap solar panels. However, you should stop and think about a few things before you buy one of these kits. It's important that you end up with the solar system that will offer you the most benefit in the long run. Sometimes that means spending a bit more.

First, ask yourself how much power you use, and whether you're interested in going entirely off the grid. That means operating without any other source of power than the sun. This is the most expensive option, and it's one that'll require the biggest lifestyle change. However, producing all your own power without having to rely on a utility company can be a real fulfilling experience. Imagine never having to fear a blackout again!

People who want a completely off grid system will have to replace all their energy consumption with power produced by alternative means. If your household uses the same amount of power as the average American household, replacing that power drawn from the grid with solar power will be difficult. You'd have to spend an enormous amount of money on batteries and solar panels, and you'd need a lot of space for those panels, too. This is why most people who operate off the grid choose to reduce their energy consumption in additional ways.

If you're not interested in a drastic lifestyle change you'll probably be replacing only a portion of your power usage with electricity generated by the sun. However, this option gives you the most flexibility. It could be easier to start with small, cheap solar panels and add more as you can afford them, then it would be to invest in a state-of-the-art solar power system. Keep in mind that government rebates/tax credits and the like, as well as the added value to your home should play a part in the decision making process.

Solar panels average about five dollars per watt or more, making a two hundred watt panel cost in excess of a thousand dollars. Any solar panel priced at less than this can be considered a cheap solar panel. If the price is much lower, you may want to find out why. It's possible that there's been a recent technological break-through. (These are happening all the time, and more efficient, cheaper panels are in constant development).