Solar Power Lights

Indoor Solar Lighting

There are several solar power lights for indoor use that give you great options to illuminate your home while you save on the natural resources of the planet. Solar power indoor lighting systems don’t just save on your electricity but also are less polluting and emit lesser heat as compared to the conventional bulbs. Many people use different kind of lights like solar lantern lights. No matter what kind of solar power indoor lighting systems you use, for the smaller units all you need to do is to charge them in the sunlight and use them in the evening. Most of these solar power lights can be hung on a hook or placed on a table. These are available in different styles and varieties like nylon and metal.  The solar power lanterns have a price range of $20 to $30 per piece.

You can even get indoor solar accent lighting. Tabletop lamps fall into this category. These tabletop lamps can be placed anywhere and give light to the table like the ancient oil lamps. The price range for these lamps is from $20 to $40.
If you are in mood for some romance you just need to buy a solar-lit atmosphere bowl that costs about $40 and can add a rosy hue to the room. You can charge it in the day and light it up in the night without increasing your electricity bill.

If you want to completely redo your lighting system and use solar power lights then you can try one of the home solar lighting systems available on the market now. These lighting systems cost several hundred dollars initially but save a lot of money and energy in the long run. These energy units can be used to light up many fluorescent bulbs in the house. These lights are generally attached to a solar panel that is located on the roof and connected to a battery and inverter unit. During the day time the solar panel helps the battery to get charged and then this charge is used to light up the lights in the night. This is one of the most energy saving ways to light up your indoors.

If you need a solar power light system then IL01 is what you need. These lighting system kits have about 3 CFL bulbs of 6 watt each which is equivalent to a 30-watt bulb. To power this combination we use a 12 volt 10 amp battery box and a 19-watt solar panel. If you require more power then you can use a 39-watt solar panel with a 12 volt 24 amp battery box. This unit can give you light to last for many hours. It also has an AC/DC adaptor for those rainy or cloudy days when the sunlight is not enough. The price of the lower solar powered indoor lighting system is $349.99 while the $449.99 is the price for the higher-powered system.