Solar Power for Laptops and smartphones

Solar Power for Laptops and Charging Gadgets

Now days there are a number of products that can harness solar power for charging up laptops. There are even notebooks that can be powered by solar power. These notebooks have a solar panel attached that helps in charging the batteries. The solar panel is detachable for a session of recharging while you can work while using the laptop DC battery. Notebooks of this kind of are great for people in remote areas and anyone else that spends a lot of time outdoors.


The advantages of using solar power for laptops are numerous; however the chief advantage is that these devices can actually increase the life of your laptop’s battery. There are different kinds of devices available in the market like solar laptop chargers that can help run your laptop on solar power.

Though there are many products available, there are three criteria that need to be looked at when searching for the ideal solar laptop charger.

1.    Power

Power: A laptop needs considerable power to run so we need a solar charger that can charge the laptop and make it workable for at least some amount of time.

2.    Portability

Portability: Since a laptop is a portable device, it’s important that the charger is also easy to carry around.

3.    Price

Price: It may be a solar powered charger, but it should be reasonably priced and not cost more than what electricity charges would be.

Here are some chargers that can harness solar power for laptops:

1. Solar Rolls- Solar Rolls is one of the most popular solar chargers for excursions like camping and backpacking.

     Power: This roll is available in three different sizes according to the kind of output needed. To charge a laptop then you need a roll with an output of around 14 watts. A laptop can be fully charged in 5 to 10 hrs or even use it for trickle charging. However the charging time is dependent on the quality and the amount of sunlight received. If you need more output you can link more than two rolls together.

     Portability: You can roll up your Solar Rolls and carry it everywhere you want. It’s quite waterproof, which means that you can use it on slightly damp surfaces like café, lawn and restaurant tables. The Solar Roll that is needed to power your laptop is larger in size and measures 12” by 57” which means when you need to charge it in the sun you will need a bigger surface. Nevertheless, its light weight at 17 oz and can be rolled up and carried anywhere.

     Price: The price ranges from $295 to $655 and is proportional to the size of the solar panel. However, the panel that can actually harness the solar power for laptop is priced at $655.

2. The Voltaic Generator- This is a good looking solar bag that comes complete with battery packs that work as a laptop charger and also hold a laptop of approximately 17”.

     Power: The Voltaic Generator is one of the more powerful chargers and can generate 15 watts of charge when charged for a day.

     Portability: Since this laptop charger is a bag, portability is no problem. It is light and water resistant since it’s made of recycled PET. 

    Price: A $599.00 price tag is pretty good for a handy laptop charger that also becomes a carrying case for a laptop.

3. Sunshine Solar Briefcase Charger Amorphous 13watt- Though it has the style of a briefcase, it’s really not a briefcase. This charger is pretty functional.

     Power: Offers only 13 watts of power, not enough to charge a laptop, however it can still help enhance the battery time of your laptop.

     Portability: It may look like a briefcase but is not as light as one. At 9.25 pounds it’s heavy to carry. However the compact size (20.5” x 13” x 1.5) compensates for the weight.

     Price: The price is a surprise at $160. There are other accessories like a four-panel connector cable ($18) and a charge regulator ($30) that can increase the total cost. However on the whole it’s pretty reasonable.