Solar Pool Heating

Heating your pool with the sun

For those who have swimming pools and are interested in saving money and reducing the amount of green house gas emissions, solar pool heating makes a great deal of sense. The pool systems are a low cost option for heating your pool and doing your part for the environment. You may be able to set up a solar pool heating system in your pool for as little as $100. That's a tremendously low cost way to save a great deal of money.

The process is a relatively simple concept. All you will be doing is heating the pool in your water and and in some cases using the pool itself for storage of that heated water. Other methods use a different collection method. Your pool pump will be utilized to disperse the warm water throughout the pool without the need for additional heating of the water. This is how you can have such a low cost system in your pool to receive all the benefits of a solar heated pool.

Other types of systems will make use of solar panel collectors for the water in your pool. These can be designed for your pool in a couple of different ways. If you plan to use solar panels on your roof, you might want to get some assistance for routing the water through the new heating system. There are different panels on the roof that will be used depending on whether your panels will be facing freezing conditions.

There are a number of installers of these solar heating systems that will ensure that you are redirecting the water in the proper way to make the most of your new system. You will need a system that includes a solar collecting method that circulates the water that will be heated by the power of the sun.

The next thing that will be included in your solar pool heater is a filter which will remove any debris from the pool water before it is brought to the collector. A pump will circulate your water through the filter and collector and bring it back to the pool heated. In some cases the pump that is on your existing pool pump and filtration system can be used for this process. There is also a need of a flow control valve for the water that is flowing through the solar collector.

To determine which system will work best for you, it will be necessary to evaluate the solar resources that you have. This is determined by finding out how much sun is able to reach the site of your pool collector system. You will still be able to find a good system even if you don't live in a sunny location. If you have some unshaded areas around the site of your pool, you should be able to use a solar pool heating system.


You will also have to make sure that you have a heating system that will accommodate the size of your pool. Compare the costs of all your options when you are choosing your solar pool heater. There are many considerations with this type of system. You will have to determine if you will be installing the system on your own or if you will be hiring an installer to make sure that it is done correctly.

Once you have your system installed, you should take some time to monitor your energy costs to determine if there has been a savings. You might have to make some adjustments to your system to make sure that you are realizing the most savings from your solar pool heating system.