Solar Power Outdoor Lighting

Residential Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar power outdoor lighting systems are increasingly becoming popular with people who love their planet and don’t want to contribute to the increasing pollution. Earlier the solar power outdoor lighting was not really preferred by people since it used to give off a dimmer light in comparison to the other conventional methods. However these days with the advent of the brighter Light emitting Diodes or LEDs, solar outdoor lighting has become one of the most affordable, simple and cost saving options for most people.

Due to the LED technology it is now easier to have light without the heating associated with the conventional filament bulbs. Hence since the energy is not expended in heat, these LEDs are brighter and yet have no energy wastage. As a result this product has a longer life and better performance. These days there have been further advancements in the field of solar power outdoor lighting with the advent of photovoltaic cells and other efficient solar batteries as well.

There are different kinds of solar power outdoor lighting systems available for various purposes. These outdoor lights are generally classified on the basis of their use.

Accent lights

Accent lights are used for diffused and subtle lighting in gardens and outdoor landscaping. These lights are not meant for focusing light on a particular area but just to have diffused lighting over the area. Since these lights do not require much power, they run for a long time before they need to be charged again. Most accent lights only need to be charged for a single day in order to work several nights. These accent lights have amber and white LEDs. The amber LEDs resemble candle light and use lesser power than their white counterparts. Accent lights are used for subtle lighting in water falls, gardens, outdoor obstacles that could be missed in the dark and 44pools and ponds. These lights are one of the most affordable solar outdoor lighting -system available. You can get good quality accent lights for approximately $30 to $40 at any online store.

Path Lights

As can be gleaned from the name. These solar outdoor lighting systems are used to light up paths, driveways, walking paths and staircases. These lights are generally used for outdoor areas that are dark. These lights have a lot of choices like flange mounts, hanging hooks and ground stakes for more options in terms of positioning. These are fashioned in such a way that the light is focused downwards. Most path lights come with switches that can be turned off and you can store the charge for more important occasions. Many models come with features like timers, colored lenses and power varying options. The price range of these path lights varies according to their features and attributes. While the simple path lights can be purchased for a price of approximately $30, the higher models can cost more than $100.

Task lights and spotlights

These lights use more power than the accent or the path lights and hence are more expensive than them. These lights are used for enhanced illumination on entryways, plants and statuary. The performance of a high quality solar spotlight can be compared to a 40-watt conventional spotlight. These spotlights and task lights are some of the most long lasting and durable lights due to their rugged construction and regular features like UV protection and weatherproof features.

Most walkway lights are pretty reasonable. Most of them cost less that $10 and are easy to install and maintain. All you need to do is put them in a place where they get adequate sunlight to charge during the day. The solar outdoor lighting system has many advantages over the conventional systems since you don’t need to install an underground wiring or think about circuits getting shorted in the rainy season.

There are other varieties available in solar outdoor lighting like security lights and pole lights. The security lights are available in various styles like floodlights and motion sensing lights. The price range for these lights varies from $100 to $200. The pole lights are also available in a similar range of $100 to $300 depending upon the features and specifications.

Solar power outdoor lighting is one of the most economical and practical ways to light up your outdoors. With these lighting systems you can be rest assured that your outdoors are lighted throughout the night and yet you don’t get astronomical electricity bills!