Solar Generators

The Benefits of Solar Power Generators

Solar generators are collection devices for electrical energy generated by photovoltaic cells. These batteries store the electrical energy produced to allow its access and use at some later time. With the available power, a home or business can be shielded from power outages or when regular power is on, cut down on its dependence resulting in lowered energy utility costs.

Advances in photovoltaic cells have allowed the collection of large quantities of converted solar energy to be used within the home. Gone are the days when solar energy could only power a calculator, as the sophistication and efficiency of the solar collection allows electrical power to operate home appliances, water pumps and many other home applications. The generators are the solar panels where the photovoltaic cells are affixed and must be mounted in an area where sunlight can be collected. Also, the sun moves across the sky, angling the generator to the sun’s position on the sky would assure optimum use of the collecting capacities of the generator.

From the collecting panel, the electrical power is stored in a battery. This battery may then be hooked up to a device called an inverter. It is the inverter’s job to convert the DC or direct current power in the battery into AC or alternating current electrical power. Most home appliances run in AC power thus the need for the inverter. But if the battery of the device is to run on machines on DC power, then the inverter is not needed. What is needed then is to determine what appliances are to use the power from the  generator. By making this determination, one would be able to see how much is the maximum requirement that the solar generator must produce in order to be considered as an effective investment. This can be reached by computing all the wattage necessary when all the identified appliances are in use at the same time. The cost of the system would depend entirely on the parts, which can be anywhere from $92.00 to as much as $2000.00, exclusive of installation, electrician, and delivery charges. 


This system would not only provide for more energy for the home, the consequent savings made by the lessening of the use of regular electrical power. But there must be an attendant change in habits and attitude in order that the full range of benefits would be achieved. Solar generators would be of great help but without responsible use of the power generated, then there would be more wastage than savings in the use of solar power.

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