Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans

Solar attic fans can really help with your energy bills. When heat builds up in the attics and crannies of a house, there are many effects that occur. Firstly, utilities bills increase as the air conditioning for the home becomes more taxed with the buildup of heat in the attic and ceiling. This would make the house a heat-collecting zone, making the over-all atmosphere in the house humid and hot, especially in the summer months. On the other hand, when winter comes, the whole house is freezing cold to an extreme, as the attic then becomes a frozen zone, trapping cold air and making the house drafty and cold as a freezer.

The way to handle this problem is by the installation of solar attic fans. Venting is the way to maintain the balance the temperature in one's home. When the heat is dissipated out of the house during the summer months, the roofing and other materials of the home would be relieved of any heat stress. Also, this would reduce the load requirements of the air conditioning for the home. The vents would also help circulate fresh air into the house and remove the sticky smells associated with home activities such as coking and other odors. Also, moisture that seeps in would be easily dried off and in the cold months, the trapped cold air would be removed so that build up of harmful bacteria would be avoided. Soffit vents and louvers are insufficient to do the job nowadays, so there is a need for a more active system to combat the problems identified.

This precedes the problem of more energy consumption. These highlighted facts are resolved how? By the installation of solar attic fans, many of these issues are addressed. Solar attic fans are vents that are powered by electricity collected from solar energy. The set up would be the installation of solar panels to collect sunlight. Then the sunlight is converted into electrical energy. This electrical energy is then either stored or used directly to operate the attic fans. No carbon fuel based energy would be used. Also, since the source of the energy is nearly limitless, the fans can operate day and night without worry of any increase in utilities bills. What about the times when it is nighttime or when the sun is covered? This can readily be addressed by a storage battery for later use. Also, an inverter may be needed to convert the current to drive the motor of the fans. In this way, the fans can do its work regardless of time and weather condition. Also, the cost of the solar fan would be in the vicinity of $550.00 without electrician and installation cost.

As can be seen, attic fans are necessitated for a sturdy and healthy home. Solar powered attic fans take it one step further and that is by making environmentally safe energy for an environmentally safe home.