Free Solar Power ?

Well, Maybe!

Is ther such a thing as free solar power? Some 200,000 US homes are already using some type of solar or photovoltaic technology but solar power installation does not come cheap. The type of solar panels, equipment, installation, and the total amount of kilowatt power needed contribute to costs. On the average, one can spend as much $45,000. To make solar power more affordable, manufacturers have designed smaller units, some of them portable. 

There are opportunities to get hold of free solar power panels and accessory equipment. You can get these from willing traffic sign rental contractors who have to remove any defective solar panels or risk fines because these are unsafe. These panels are sold for a fraction of their original price. Although these may be slightly damaged or have cracks, these are still good enough to give solar energy, albeit at reduced levels. But these used and cracked panels can save you money. A brand new solar panel can cost as little as $800.00. As time moves on solar panels will come down in price.

Other sources for free solar power or cheap solar power products and associated accessories are institutions. These places have no further use for their used panels. These can be obtained for free if your lucky or bought at a give-away prices.

A residential solar power system consists of:

  • module panels
  • aluminum or stainless stell module racks
  • roof attachments
  • roof wires and ground wires and conduits
  • mounting hardware
  • power converter/ inverter
  • receiver box especially designed for the systems

The most expensive item in the set are the solar panels. These panels come in 110 or 120 watts. You will probably need more than one panel depending on your electricity requirements, the location of your home and the amount of sunlight in the area throughout the year, and of course how much power you want to produce. There are also possible quality issues with cheap solar panels, so buyer beware !

Again, free solar energy? Yes, the energy from the sun part is free- its the solar power part that usually costs., but if you search carefully and take your time you can find some freebies or at least some bargains.